Steyn City House

Project Summary

ClientTGP Construction
Project dateAugust 2016
Construction costR5.3 Million
Construction area531sqm


A single storey speculative house designed for TGP Construction to be constructed in the Steyn City residential estate. The house cascades and steps down the south sloping site. Being a north entry site with views to the south, the design attempts to solve this problem by creating a fragmented plan with individual wings separated by courtyards allowing north light to penetrate all the areas of the house.

All the wings are linked by a central internal “street” that steps down the slope of the site. Mono pitch roofs over all the main areas of the house are utilized to provide clerestory glazing to allow north light to penetrate deep into the living areas of the house. These series of mono pitch roofs are linked with concrete flat roofs, giving the appearance of this house being a small village; a long-contemplated South African design philosophy.